Thursday, 21 September 2017

Outside maths [shapes]


On the 21.09.2017 Room 10 went outside to find shapes.  Not just any shapes, 2-d shapes. Mr Barnett told us a shape and we had to find it. The  purpose was that in maths we are learning about shapes and Mr Barnett thought it would be fun to learn outside. Here are some of the pictures that the bloggers captured.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


On the 26th of July the Dreamweavers came and they told us stories. Some of the stories were Davy and the devil and The shoe maker, which was AWESOME !!!!!! They showed us detail like we should include in our stories. One of them had two dogs. They were very good story tellers. Their stories were AMAZING!!!!!!


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Marshmallow Challenge.

On Monday the 7th of August 2017 Room 10 did the Marshmallow Challenge. We got put into groups. We had 18 minutes to make the biggest tower we could that would hold the marshmallow. The supplies we got were tape, 20 pieces of spaghetti and one marshmallow. My team had to go fast because in the last 10 seconds our tower fell down. Mr Barnett measured all the towers except for ours because it wasn't standing up. I had a great time!!

Year 5 netball

On the 3rd of August some of the class went to the stadium for a Year 5 netball tournament. There where 10 kids. We won 1 game and lost 4. The kids that went out of our class where Caitlyn, Gabby, Emily, Aayliah and Caleigh. At the end we where all puffed. 

Monday, 22 May 2017


Recently Room Ten were making an advertisement for an object that Mr Barnett gave us. We did this because we have been creating persuasive writing in class.

First we had to write a plan that all of our group members had to join in on. Next we wrote our script. It had to have some emotive language in. We had to show Mr Barnett our script before we went to record. We could record anywhere in the school, except for in the other classrooms. We had to make the viewers want to buy our product.

When we had finished and were ready to present to the class Mr Barnett gave each group a group to give feedback to. The group had to write down a group glow and a group grow. A group glow means what they did really good and the group grow means what they could work on.

That was how we made our advertisement. Room Ten had a lot of fun!

By Kiah

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017



Bang Clash, Bang Clash.

It was nerve racking, just waiting to see what Strike meant. The whole school was waiting. How long to go? EKKKK!!!!!!!!  
10:00-12:00-1:30-YESSSS it is finally 2:00! Room 10 was lining up to scoot to the hall. Girl line boy line, lets go. We were off, just a couple more minutes. On our way we passed classes just as excited.
Everyone was pilling into the hall. Ummmmm... Drums and more drums. We didn't know what was coming. Until... BANG CLASH, BANG CLASH. Woo noise, now this is what strike meant, a drum performance. It's great!

There were two men and a woman.  Their names were Katie (Special K), Murray (Muzza) and James (Jimbo the flying Nimbo). They did a lot of acts. My favorite act was the fire one. They used this spray and it made the fire go crazy.

There was this one act when Mr Barnett had to do a speed challenge and he had to compete against Mrs McKenzie. They also got nick names... Mr Barnett (Super Man) and Mrs McKenzie (Wonder Woman).
The last act was amazing. It was loud and had a lot of detail. They switched drums to make it interesting. 'Bang', 'Clash', 'Ting'. That was a great show. I hope they come again soon.

By Gabby


Monday, 27 March 2017

Art in Room 10

When Room 10 did our self-portraits we had an A4 piece of paper. First we had to fold the piece of paper in half, then into quarters. We started doing the head, followed by the mouth. Next we added the nose. We put little dots for the eyes and we then drew the neck. After we had finished we did the ears and the hair. We drew our name in bubble letters. We had to pick two colours for our name. Next we picked one colour for the background and coloured it in. Finally Mr Barnett put cooking oil on top of the paper to make it see-through like a stained glass window.

By Aaliyah